Updated: Sep 17, 2020

The idea that all people are creative is a bright one. In order to comprehend creativity we have to have a base principle where all abstract and material subjects can be founded upon. We may not have yet to define an exact single origin point for all of life, we have however, clearly observed all life being composed and transmuted biologically, psychologically and even spiritually from the natural elements of nature. Our DNA can change solely based on the chemicals and elements we take in. Our mental perspective of life will differ based on the environment around us. We see countless ancient tribes worshipping deities based on fire, earth, air, and water. Nature’s elements have always effected our living and being and like these necessary elements that sustain life we must take note of the necessity of having nature as our foundation in order to interpret the abstraction of creativity.

Creativity is a natural flow of unique expression. It exist as the organic result of action and attraction, which are the preliminary variables that equate to the thought of an idea, the output of a concept. These immaterial variables allow inception and conception to take place, the activity of creativity. To put it simply attraction is the bridge, to bind, it is the sync and syncing. Attraction is the desire needed for movement and motion, the doing of action. These two variables interacting snd processing almost simultaneously together begins an act of creation.

Creativity is a natural flow. Natural being that it begets from nature. It belongs to and is a principle component of the elements. As stated nature is the basis of all evident life, therefore to know creativity is to know that it is natural, it is from nature. The elements are the first to show attraction and action. These building blocks of creativity exist within the smallest parts of ourselves and the world around us. Flow is motion and movement, it is desired dictation, a synthesis of action and attraction. All material and immaterial is constantly moving and binding down to its particle level. This shows the magic of building things require natural migration.

Uniqueness is the title for life. Every moment becomes different then the last and the later. With every second life is moving and changing. A new moment occurs endlessly from our biology and surrounding environment. Nothing ceases to grab information at all times. DNA

Is adapting, reading, processing internal and external stimuli every second. The observation effect states that our senses are invariably observing constantly shifting and shaping that which is being observed. This communicational information happening at all times concurs the merging and changing, the growth, living and decay of all material and immaterial matter. Concluding that all moments of life are definitively different. With this set of realizations we can now clearly state that all of life is unique inherently making that which is life is creative.

The acts of action and attraction, that which is to do and to bind is the first birth of expression. Action and attraction are the embryo to what becomes an external production resulting as expression. The symmetry of action and attraction happening together although starting as an immaterial source, almost instantly creates an external gesture and force. Expression designed by doing and connecting allows this two way function to copulate and thus generate more of an evident identity for creativity.

Since discovering our base principle for truth we may now form evident information surrounding abstract thoughts and theories. Describing the complete makeup of creativity has brought fourth the space for clear perspective on the subject matter to occur in the reader. Our base principle understanding that all of life is composed and evolving from natural forces supports the finding of creativity acting as and is wholly natural. To exist from nature, to act out natural processes, plainly defines creativity as simply being. As living beings we are surrounding by the acts and exude the processes of creativity from daily living. With every natural act we spark flashes of a phenomenal synthesis, ingeniously producing originality.

Remarking that all people are creative and that indeed creativity belongs in all life, the entire structural makeup of nature is composed of creativity which inherently gives fact that as living beings we compose and produce this natural flow of unique expression. There is no need to measure if one is more or less creative, yet if one wishes to be more creative then according to our discovered comprehension of the matter, one should only act more into our natural being.

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